Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Promises, Promises

I keep telling myself, "keep up with your blog", "do a better job" and telling you all that I am going to do a better job. But shew it is not an easy task. The new job is keeping me really busy these days. I am liking it and I am learning a lot. Add to that, my events, volunteering, and trying to keep a social life. Well, I stay pretty busy. But do not feel sorry for me (not that you were), I am loving it!

I have recently finished the training course to volunteer with Nashville Cares. Their link is http://www.nashvillecares.org incase you would like to read up on the great stuff they are doing in and around Nashville. I got to know the organization after being the Event Manager\Volunteer Coordinator for Artrageous 23 last year. Amy Walters, helped me to get more involved and finish the training course so that I could be a bigger help.
I have also recently become a member of the Board of Directors for Street Works. Their link is http://www.street-works.org/ I am joined on this Board by many great people including but not limited to Courtney Seiter and Chuck Bryant. We are currently gearing up for our only fundraiser, our Annual Benefit Gala. Details to come on that!

A couple weeks ago I got a call that my Papaw was in the hospital. Most of you know that family, means everything to me. So, I was really upset by the news and found a way to get off work and home to Richmond to be with him and my family. Turns out he had to have a quadruple bypass surgery and a valve repair. And he is now home. He had a couple set backs but nothing to hold him down for to long. If you know him, you also know he is ornery as they come. He is def from that generation where you pushed people to succeed and not show tons of emotion. Growing up I often found that confusing (my parents are so lovey) and I misplaced this with the notion he did not love me. As I grew up, I realized that it was not the case at all. He was one of those who pushed the ones he believed in most, the hardest. Now, as an adult I respect him and love him greatly. In the last few years (post great grandbabies) he has started to express emotion a lot more. So every "I love you" means that much more. I was able to spend great amounts of time with family and friends while in that week as well.

I am gonna include some random pics I have taken since my last post. SPRING IS ALMOST HERE!!!