Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The World of Blogs and More!

My friends often inspire me in life. This being the number 1 reason I surround myself with the wonderful people I do. When things get busy, tough or seem a bit out of control the first thing I forgo is this blog. I just often find I do not have the time for it. But I have friends like Lora, she writes and when she does I am always left inspired. Check her out at Oquirks.com. My lovely friend Knight, she is another creative genius and her blog entries always move me in one way or another. You can find her's at KnightStivender.com. When I want to learn how to mix business with my personal life (or how to digitally stalk) I turn to my friend Courtenay. siblingnotspouses.com. You should def stop and take a few minutes and read what these wonderful ladies have written. I am sure one or all of them will also inspire you. Subscribe to their blogs so that you will always have a bit of new light in your days. I am not the writer that these ladies are, so my blog will continue to be more of a diary than an art form. Yet, I feel there is a place for everyone to express themselves and this is mine. If you have a favorite blog, please leave it in the comments. I would love to check it out!

Fall is here and you know what that means!!! Bulbs! I have started my own lil "love garden" along one side of the house. I decided to call it this because, I have filled it with Iris'. Some of you know that Iris' are my favorite flower and remind me of my Granny. She called them flags and they were growing in multiple places in her yard when I was growing up. That is the first thing I wanted after she passed, were rhisomes. So these Iris' follow me wherever I go. Added to the garden this year were some from my friends Lora and Knight. So the love is growing! I love the sharing of bulbs and plants with friends. You are giving them something that can grow and flourish. Something that will cause you to think of them even more than you do. Next spring will be great no doubt!

I am gearing up for Thanksgiving, and a trip home to be with family. I am going to have to miss Aunt Connie's Turkey Day, which is a bummer. But I will be at Momma Jo's and I am also hosting a 50th Bday Party for my Mom! So it will still be a weekend of seeing almost everyone!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Highs and Lows Abound

The last couple months have been a roller coaster for sure. So many great things going on and so many devastating things follow them. Both of which remind me to not EVER take anything for granted. I am going to write two blogs to update you, that way there is not one really long one that bores you out of your mind. ;)

I will begin with my coverage of Nashville Fashion Week. I am so proud that Nashville made such a splash in Fashion over the last couple of years. Not that I am surprised at all, because the creativity of this town is just astounding. Being part of the media, sure has its perks. I was able to attend most nights of shows and cover some excellent designers. My Comrade during the event was one of my best friends and an excellent writer, person, business woman and more, Lora. So many great designers as I mentioned and I am not going into huge detail here but..Cristian Siriano was pretty FAB! Here are some pics of our coverage.

Of course, who could forget the devastating earthquakes that hit Japan. Another reminder of the power of nature. It made me for sure call up my loved ones and tell them just how much I love them. The effects were felt around the World and are still being felt this many months later. I did my lil part by donating via text twice, and wishing that I could have done more.

Then I received the call that Alfred Ballard had passed away after a long battle. It was a very sad day. Families can be weird. For instance, how I did not know my cousin Candy until High School and then we were best friends. Same way with her Dad Alfred. I spent nearly every afternoon at their house from Senior year and two years after. My time with Alfred was Checking out the car he was working on, talking about Wilma sneaking up to Granny's to smoke, or what critter Sister Kelly had caught that day. He always had a big smile for us when we walked in. I will miss him so!
I was blessed that I was able to make it back home to be with my family during this difficult time.

This was followed by some great things...in the next blog ;) TO BE CONTINUED lol

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Promises, Promises

I keep telling myself, "keep up with your blog", "do a better job" and telling you all that I am going to do a better job. But shew it is not an easy task. The new job is keeping me really busy these days. I am liking it and I am learning a lot. Add to that, my events, volunteering, and trying to keep a social life. Well, I stay pretty busy. But do not feel sorry for me (not that you were), I am loving it!

I have recently finished the training course to volunteer with Nashville Cares. Their link is http://www.nashvillecares.org incase you would like to read up on the great stuff they are doing in and around Nashville. I got to know the organization after being the Event Manager\Volunteer Coordinator for Artrageous 23 last year. Amy Walters, helped me to get more involved and finish the training course so that I could be a bigger help.
I have also recently become a member of the Board of Directors for Street Works. Their link is http://www.street-works.org/ I am joined on this Board by many great people including but not limited to Courtney Seiter and Chuck Bryant. We are currently gearing up for our only fundraiser, our Annual Benefit Gala. Details to come on that!

A couple weeks ago I got a call that my Papaw was in the hospital. Most of you know that family, means everything to me. So, I was really upset by the news and found a way to get off work and home to Richmond to be with him and my family. Turns out he had to have a quadruple bypass surgery and a valve repair. And he is now home. He had a couple set backs but nothing to hold him down for to long. If you know him, you also know he is ornery as they come. He is def from that generation where you pushed people to succeed and not show tons of emotion. Growing up I often found that confusing (my parents are so lovey) and I misplaced this with the notion he did not love me. As I grew up, I realized that it was not the case at all. He was one of those who pushed the ones he believed in most, the hardest. Now, as an adult I respect him and love him greatly. In the last few years (post great grandbabies) he has started to express emotion a lot more. So every "I love you" means that much more. I was able to spend great amounts of time with family and friends while in that week as well.

I am gonna include some random pics I have taken since my last post. SPRING IS ALMOST HERE!!!

Monday, January 24, 2011

New Year, New Beginnings

I usually sit down and hash out the events of the year that has passed, but since I have had so much happen already this year, I am going to just jump right into 2011! New Years Eve was BUSY for me. I had a wedding that I had planned to be at. It was a small, but beautiful wedding held in the couple's home. This was followed by rushing home to get ready to party it up and ring in the new year. My friend Keith and Matt came down from Louisville to visit us for the holiday. So Chuck, The guys and myself headed over to Fran and Arienne's Big New Years Bash. It was a really great evening, with lots of good food! I got to hang with some of my VERY favorite Nashville Peeps!

January 3rd I began another new job. This one being the Advertising Sales Manager for Out&About Newspaper. Which is our local GLBT Monthly Newspaper. Starting this new job has proven to be a learning experience already. The News business is a whole new monster for me to tackle, toss in the Sales aspect and Shew, but I am learning and I feel like expanding as a person. Plus, being in the media does have its perks. Getting into see shows, the big parties, and such.

I am still able to continue my Event Business on the side, so that is great! I have a couple big things lined up in the coming months that I am really excited about. And right now I am planning my SuperBowl Party and Oscar Party. Both should turn out to be a really good time.

It has snowed alot (for Nashville) and seems like people here have a tough time with it. And normally I would think, they were just whining. But seriously I am over the cold as well. I know we have had less than most of you up in KY and elsewhere. But I just need some sunshine in my life. Can not wait for my upcoming trips, Florida, New Orleans, and San Diego!

This month we also celebrated my friend David's Birthday. It was a really nice weekend! He is a terrific guy and deserves the utmost happiness in life!

Here are just a couple Random photos from this month as well....