Thursday, May 5, 2011

Highs and Lows Abound

The last couple months have been a roller coaster for sure. So many great things going on and so many devastating things follow them. Both of which remind me to not EVER take anything for granted. I am going to write two blogs to update you, that way there is not one really long one that bores you out of your mind. ;)

I will begin with my coverage of Nashville Fashion Week. I am so proud that Nashville made such a splash in Fashion over the last couple of years. Not that I am surprised at all, because the creativity of this town is just astounding. Being part of the media, sure has its perks. I was able to attend most nights of shows and cover some excellent designers. My Comrade during the event was one of my best friends and an excellent writer, person, business woman and more, Lora. So many great designers as I mentioned and I am not going into huge detail here but..Cristian Siriano was pretty FAB! Here are some pics of our coverage.

Of course, who could forget the devastating earthquakes that hit Japan. Another reminder of the power of nature. It made me for sure call up my loved ones and tell them just how much I love them. The effects were felt around the World and are still being felt this many months later. I did my lil part by donating via text twice, and wishing that I could have done more.

Then I received the call that Alfred Ballard had passed away after a long battle. It was a very sad day. Families can be weird. For instance, how I did not know my cousin Candy until High School and then we were best friends. Same way with her Dad Alfred. I spent nearly every afternoon at their house from Senior year and two years after. My time with Alfred was Checking out the car he was working on, talking about Wilma sneaking up to Granny's to smoke, or what critter Sister Kelly had caught that day. He always had a big smile for us when we walked in. I will miss him so!
I was blessed that I was able to make it back home to be with my family during this difficult time.

This was followed by some great the next blog ;) TO BE CONTINUED lol

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