Saturday, March 21, 2009

Text Messaging your Friends

Today, I am gonna focus on text messaging and the proper etiquette for it. Now, not to say that I am the expert at it. But I must say that in general my etiquette is of a higher standard than most.

I would like to begin with responding to text in a timely manner. I fully understand that some texts get lost out there somewhere, I also understand you may get them hours after they are sent. People, this does not mean you have a standing excuse not to respond to a person's text. Many of you lead very busy lives. So getting back to text messages may take you some time, but get back with people. I find all to often, instead of telling someone you don't wanna do something ...the text and/or invite is ignored. That is rude and should be avoided at all costs.

Next, always CHECK CHECK your spelling. If you are unaware of the proper way to use predict-a-text...TURN IT OFF!!! Now a jumble letter here and there is understandable. But when your message was meant to say "Lets have dinner" and it says "London is dead" Well there is no way I will make dinner. So just take the extra second to review before hitting send.

Never ever send bad news via text. It just removes the personal feelings that are going to be involved, and makes the receiver feel like they are not deserving of your time. Grow some and do it in person! That is just showing respect to your fellow human beings.

I am very guilty of the next thing but I have been made aware it is rude and many do not like it. But to abbreviate with BRB for Be Right Back, is not well received. This one will take some time for me to understand, because I would guess most of the masses totally understand what is meant. But I will too try and adapt to this.

OK lastly, how do you end a text. When is the final text sent. I mean it can go on and on. Always responding to the last text as not to be rude. Well I think a good stopping place is to say you are done. For instance..."Great have a great day, Later" or something along those lines. If someone sends you something deserving of a response, respond! If someone sends you a message that says "I miss ya" well then odds are they are looking for you to say "I miss you too".

I just think that we should all take a little more time to show some respect within the ever growing World of Texting. I am not perfect and never claim to be! Oh and I almost forgot, if you forward texts take note! Spread the wealth, one person does not wanna be the "lucky" one to receive EVERY SINGLE ONE! Thanks and have a great day.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Over Usage of Iphones

The Apple Iphone has taken the World by storm. Everyone seems to have one, and if they don't have one it seems it is on their wish list. With now over 3 million Iphones being activated to date, it seems this phenomenon won't end anytime soon. Now, don't get me wrong I am all for technology and things that make life seem a tad more convenient. Yet, I find that people have become obsessed with this mobile device. I am very aware of the features these phones have. Using them makes the day to day life of it's owners go more smoothly. But seriously people have went overboard.
Upon getting a friends request on Facebook one day, I quickly realized it was not a person...but a friend had made an account for his Iphone. Another friend will not allow anyone to touch his precious phone, not even to look at it. Still another I know, walks around with it in his hand at all times so as not to miss anything. And only Iphone owners make it a point of showing you at least one thing on their phone each and every time you are in their presence. The biggie though that really pushes my buttons, is when before answering any question they must check their Iphone. For example:
person:"I wonder what the weather is gonna be like."
Iphone user: "hang on" user begins to check the weather on his\her phone before responding

For example:
person: "Have you heard that song by Madonna?"
Iphone user: "hang on" checks iphone "you mean this one" plays the song on iphone

I am assuming before 2009 is out this will be the scenario with Iphone users:
For example:
person: "what's your name?"
Iphone user: checks iphone "My name is Dan."

I think my plan is to just stick with my old "dumb" phone and enjoy my text messages the same way I always have. While still watching as everyone begins to legally adopt their Iphones.