Friday, August 28, 2009

Scattered Memories

Gosh, here I have went and let my blog go again. I have got to start doing a better job of keeping it updated! I guess I will have to go back to August and my birthday parties! It all began with a visit from Amanda and Heather!

That evening Katy and Chuck joined us and we began with some wine on the front porch. We then proceeded to dinner at Mad Donna's where Andrew joined us. Of course, the food was yummy! We then took the party to The Red Door, and then downtown to Cadillac Ranch. While here I ran into Whitney, Kip, Kristen, Steven, and Michael (who was in on leave from Afghanistan). I was so happy to see him, I respect and miss my cousin like crazy! Ended up at Wild Horse Saloon which was fun! I was called out to line dance in front everyone (a tad funny). The party did not end there, for the following day I served brunch for my friends. Dusty arrived, Katy was here, Crystal, Amanda, Heather, and Chuck all ate. We had casseroles, gazpacho, and mimosas. Amanda and Heather had to leave :( but the rest of us continued the fun. Picnic lunch at the Parthenon and that was great! That night was dinner at Fiesta Mexicana where Anne, Bo, Lora, and Katy joined us! After leaving there we decided to try The Big Bang (piano bar), but it was way to crowded, so we moved to Tribe and then Play. It was a very awesome Bday!!! Thanks to everyone who made it special!

It is not easy to remember all the fun stuff I have done, but I have spent lots of time with Anne and Bo. They have became friends, that now I can not imagine life without. Thanks to you both for being so great! I also had the chance to attend Shakespeare in the Park! Chris and Lisa invited Chuck and I and it was so worth it! I had a superb time. I also attended a night with a Doors cover band with Anne, Bo and Lora which was fun! I really don't want to leave anything out but I am drawing a blank right now! I will do better in the following months!

Work is kicking my butt, six days a week! I must say though, I am still liking it. I am really excited about Artrageous coming up and can not wait to see who I can meet there. So stay tuned for the adventures that are to come!

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