Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas WRAP Up

My Christmas was wonderful yet again...I do love this time of year. I often find myself unable to visit my family often, so when I get a week with them I am a happy camper. I began the holidays with an evening out with my Nashville Besties. We called it our "Spectacular Holiday Outing". We all got dressed up and hit The Oak Bar. It is a wonderful old bar in The Hermitage Hotel downtown. It is classy, beautiful and a must see in Nashville. We got there and were lucky enough to get an enclave to ourselves. It was perfection. Arienne, Fran, Lora, Bob, Andrew, Peg, Courtney, Justin, Knight, David, Justin, Chuck and I were in attendance. It was a group of the most spectacular, bright, and witty folks in Nashville! That week I also got a visit from Gina! We hit the exhibit "Birth of Impressionism" at The Frist and had some yummy food! I also got to see Erin and Jennifer before their concert.

Then, it was time to hit the road for Kentucky. Wednesday we got the car all packed up and headed north! I got to Richmond in time to meet Dusty and Brandy at The Paddy Wagon for dinner and drinks. It was good to spend time with them. I also got to see Jess Wade. Thursday, I spent some time with Candy and Aaron. My sister and David joined us, along with new friends Melissa and Glenn. I will say things got a tad out of hand with this group, but we had fun none the less. I also got to visit with John and Jesse.
Now time for the Holidays! Christmas Eve morning we went to Momma Jo's for breakfast. Yummy!! The kids exchanged gifts and the lol boys all got remote control cars (they loved them). This year the adults decided to do an ornament exchange version of dirty santa. It was fun and I of course ended up with a Snowman!! The Pig Ornament that Bec brought was the most popular tho. It was also cute to see Granny Irene hide hers, knowing none of us would dare take her ornament! LOL.

Following, Momma Jo's we went to Papaw Ray's. Aunt Bev, Aunt Connie, and Jessica was already cooking away when I arrived. So I was able to eat another super fantastic meal. We then again had our game of dirty santa. I ended up with a big bunch of BBQ products! I can not wait to fire up the grill!
Christmas morning, I got up and rode to my Sister's house to see what my nephews received from Santa and she cooked breakfast. Then I had the honor of being at April's Christmas with her family. April and I have been best friends since 4th grade. I feel blessed to still have her in my life! I was able to see her folks and family, plus meeting her new man! I was then on my way back to my Mom and Dad's. It was finally time to open up my stocking and trade gifts with the fam. It was a great day!

I ended my visit having dinner with my bestie Dusty, Karl, and Chuck. I hope you all had a great holiday!

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  1. sounds like a good Christmas!! wish I could have gotten to see you! miss you :)