Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Oscar de le Renta Resort 2013

I tend to favor Oscar designs over many other designers, mostly because they are chic and wearable. His 2013 Resort line is no different. You will find black and whites, reds, blues, greens, and golds. The fabric patterns range from abstract florals to gingham. So lets get started.
The first pants are fabulous. The entire look, a bit matchy for me. I would style it a tad differently, add some color in the bangle and clutch. Granted with a print like that, it limits the type of woman who can wear it. But if you are heading to just the right evening event near Charleston you could totally do this look. The second dress is adorable. It leans towards looking young but I think a hip lady in her 30s could still pull this off. The shorts are cute, as a suit it makes it a bit tougher to pull off. Especially here in the south. I think the shorts with a different blouse could really take you anywhere, even a nice casual look. I heart the next look, a lot. It is sophisticated and classic. Need a new look for the office, then this is a look to replicate. It is also easy to add color and personality with this suit. The last takes a special woman to wear. You have to be bold, a risk taker. I like the look but it is not for everyone.
The first dress is cute. It is a lovely shade of blue, but not really an inspired look. If it were not an Oscar dress, I could see a many of high school girls choosing it for a school dance. I love this next look. If not for the plunging neckline, this could be an anywhere dress. The neckline makes it an evening only look. The "Dorothy-esque" gingham dress is actually cute. It also appears young to me. Both of the last two looks are just, "eh" for me.
The fabric in the first look is great! I love the reds and abstract floral. I do not love the top, but the crop pants are great. They can be dressed up or down and that is always a perk. The four dresses are all cute. The center one being my favorite, but that is more because of the fabric than the cut. In still photos it is hard to tell, but the next to last one seems to be more formal than the others. (I missed the live steam :() These four dresses also have a silhouette that would flatter many different women.
The greens stood out to me most. Green is my favorite color, but not usually in women's fashion. Again in the first look I do not like the whole look together but the coat is superb. As is the crop pant. I think as a whole look it gets a bit bulky. The second and fourth looks are chic. I love them both. The first of those may be to much print all at once for some ladies, if that is the case go for the other. The floral dress in the center is adorable. Any age and most shapes could wear this, sans that necklace. This is for any spring or summer event that is less than formal. This last coat is stunning. I love the floral, the colors and the cut. I have already decided one of my fabulous red headed friends needs this stat.
Now it is time for the sparkle portion of the show. The first dress is a hot lil number. If you wanna be a show stopper at a cocktail hour then pull out one of these. The fabric in the second look must be left over from the fall collection but I do still like it. I love the sweater with skirt combo. I have seen it from several designers. This may be the best I have seen it done though. Then we get the beautiful Cinderella dress, which in the south is also called the Taylor Swift dress. The grecian dress is pretty and appropriate for many formal events you might be attending this summer.
We all love show stopping formal wear. If we are all honest, we really are there waiting on these gowns. All five of these gowns are stunning. The green one is for a specific body type and even that body type will be wearing her spanx. If you liked the grecian dress but did not think you could pull off the gold, here you have it in red. The gingham surprisingly works better in full length for me. Somehow Oscar made it look formal, when I usually on think of gingham as a tablecloth. The black and white may be my favorite of the gowns. Much like the green gown, the black and white one is not for everyone. Another successful collection by the fantastic Oscar de le Renta. There were a lot of looks featured, so I did not get into as much detail as I normally would have wanted. Remember, you can always study these looks and head out shopping to find ways to come up with similar looks. Go have fun, that is what fashion is all about. Photos from: Oscar de le Renta Facebook https://www.facebook.com/oscardelarenta

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