Thursday, September 13, 2012

Another team challenge! PR Ep 8

So, this week we got another team challenge. This time they did not get a budget, but had to work for their money. They were given t-shirts and arts & crafts paint. The designers were then sent out into the streets of NYC to sell the shirts. Even with this terrible part, last night’s episode was one of the better ones this season. Melissa, Fabio and Ven were on a team. Elana, Alicia and Dmitry were another, and Chris, Gunnar and Sonjia were the third. It seemed like another rigging of the teams. We all know about the hatred between Elana and Dmitry and the fact there is no love lost between Chris and Gunnar. Elana and Dmitry did not let the drama lovers down. They went at each other in the first minutes of the challenge. The surprising thing was Chris and Gunnar worked very well together. Let's get to the rundown.

Alicia Hardesty was stuck with Elana and Dmitry. With all their drama and such they put out a mess of a collection. They were obviously going to be in the bottom. Alicia made pants and and two tops, while Dmitry made an entire look and Elana made a coat. Alicia made a good pair of pants but the tops were just plain ole boring and not that great. Dmitry made his standard dress but then he made a fringe shaw that made no sense at all. Crazy Elana turned out her worst piece to date. This all led to goodbye Alicia. I really wanted her to be on a bit longer, but her designs were almost as boring as she was. I will miss that lil Kentuckian. 

Gunnar Deatherage got paired with Chris and Sonjia. This happens to be my three favorite designers of the season on one team. Gunnar got a close call last week and so he knew he had to step up his game. Chris and Sonjia both decided to go with one very complex piece each which allowed for Gunnar to put out two dresses. This team was the top team and for very good reason. Chris turned out a very unique twist on the classic camel trench and Sonjia produced a fantastic little jacket for the win. Gunnar's dresses were both pretty fantastic. They were totally in his wheelhouse and I was more than pleased with them. They were pretty covered up on the runway, but when we were able to finally see them I was excited. He was able to finally show how good he can be. Sonjia of course won and she did have the best piece of the episode.

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