Monday, July 20, 2009

Another great weekend

I had a not so great week, with my feelings being hurt, getting a tad homesick, and having to decide to move on with things. So, my weekend was much needed. My friend Chad was coming into town to visit, and I was excited to see him. Not to mention Candice and Chad A. were coming too. Chad got here really late on Friday, and we ended up sitting up talking until like 430am.

Saturday, I had to work a wedding. So Chad went shopping. My wedding was out a Belle Meade Plantation. That is such a beautiful location for an event. I really hope to use it more often. The arrangements were extravagant and the decor was vast. I am so happy and excited about the way it turned out. Jennifer and her ideas are great. The folks at A Village of Florist also were remarkable and worked their tails off. I just know the Bride will be very happy with how her special day turned out.

Saturday night, I went to dinner at Jackson's in Hillsboro Village. After a long wait we finally got our table. The drinks were flowing and we were having a good time. Diana, Candice, Chad, Casey, Chad, Megan, and more were there. And to my suprise my friend Justin showed up in town. He had been at a wedding and decided to stop in for a visit. So we ate dinner and then went our seperate ways. Chad, Justin and I hit Tribe and were having a good time when I suddenly spotted the best looking human on the planet. We ended up moving to Play, and there I spotted the guy again... and I decided to befriend him. YAY! Also there was Ty Herndon, the country singer...who is also a very nice guy.

Sunday we went to lunch at Casa Fiesta in Antioch. Chad had assured me it was as good as my Casa in Richmond...well it was good but it was no Casa. I do miss eating my Casa!!!!! Then they sadly had to leave and head home.

My bad week ended with a good weekend. Now my mood is still not perfect...and still have lots to sort out in my head. Yet, I do feel like I am getting there. It is just hard to let things go sometimes, even if you know it is for the best. I just like....well not getting into that on here. My internships are going well, still making some great connections, and learning to love Nashville. So I really can't complain. Take Care Friends and Family!!!

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