Friday, July 10, 2009

Nashville Life

I started this blog back in the spring and well as you can tell I have let it go. But I am back and hope that I can do a much better job of keeping you all updated on the life of me! I have completely abandoned myspace, so there will no longer be any blog posts there! Of course I can still be found on facebook and on twitter with the name @dargavell. So since I know you are just falling over yourself to keep up with me follow me on those as well.

So at the beginning of June, I made yet another move. This time landing myself in Nashville, TN. This decision came after Chicago did not work out and staying in central Kentucky was just not an option. My career goals had changed and thus I needed to make that happen. So, I received an internship and packed my bags. I am trying to make it in the world of event planning. This is not an easy task, but I have managed to already do some great networking and have met some great folks who are willing to help! I must say I think this move has proved beneficial.

At least I did not move completely blindly, I knew my roommates. One is Chuck, an Internet entrepreneur...AKA GEEK and then there is Ripley, the 99lb Yellow Lab\Great Pyrenees. We live on the east side of the city, in a very hip cool area. But I must say, the neighborhood is a tad sketchy. I get a lil nervous sometimes, but hey I do have this monster dog to protect me. ;) Since moving here I have tried to explore the city, but yet stay close to home. I love going for walks in Shelby Bottoms, it is a lovely park! I also was lucky enough to have free time the week of the CMA fest and got to meet Kellie Pickler, Dierks Bentley and more. I have learned to love the local restaurants and bars. Picking a favorite is not easy, but I think Mad Donna's is pretty great. Made some great new friends, who have been very nice! Went to a Pig Roast that was amazing!!!! About had a heat stroke at Pride. And anxiously awaiting the next adventure. I will have so much more to say from this point on...I will try and post frequently! Hope you all decide to stay tuned!

Love Ya

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  1. I forgot Trinity, our black cat! she will for sure be mad at me for this! Sorry kitty!