Monday, February 4, 2013

Project Runway 11 Ep 2

It was time for the teams to design for a "real" client. Their client was Susan Sarandon, owner of Spin Ping Pong Social Club. YES! You heard that right, there are Ping Pong Social Clubs! I am still not sure I get the idea, but, hey, I am up for giving it a try at some point. The challenge left the designers with very little room for creativity. Yet, some of them came up with some good ideas, even if not very fashion forward.
Here are your top three designs. The center look was this week's winner. It was designed by Daniel Esquivel and Layana Aguilar. Daniel did the vest and Layana did the skort. I was shocked that Susan made such a big deal about never hearing of a skort. I did like how they incorporated the "apron" into the design and I actually like the vest a lot. The first look pictured above was designed by Stanley Hudson. It was a very boring look, but seemed very suitable for this challenge. I was not as crazy about this shirt. I would have preferred a more fitted style. Maybe more like this third look. This one was designed by bff's Joseph Segal and Richard Hallmarq. The top was great for this challenge and fit this sexy man like a glove. The pants were not my taste but they were creative.
The bottom three were up next. The self-named Dream Team were in the bottom again. The first look I loved!! I love the idea of the kilt and did not even hate the tank. I understand having "balls are my business" on your crotch area lowers the taste level, but when you give your business a slogan like that what can you expect? So kudos to Matthew on the kilt. The BORING center look was courtesy of Cindy Marlett (the jacket) and Benjamin Mach (the short). The shorts were the worst part of this look; the jacket was fine, albeit boring. Oh, poor James. He was destined to leave this week. He refused again to really work with the team and again sent out an utterly bad design. So goodbye to him this week. 
Now, to look at the Southerner's designs. Amanda V sent out a little black dress and I do mean little. It was a very standard and okay dress. Nothing exciting, but she was going to be clearly safe this week. We have Matthew's look again. I still disagree with him being in the bottom three looks. That is all I will say about that this week.

Of course my favorite part was having male models this week! More of them, please! I am excited to see what they do next week. I am sure it is nearing time to change the teams up. They are not going to let it get too one-sided. 

Photo Credit: Barbara Nitke for Lifetime

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