Sunday, February 17, 2013

Project Runway Ep4

The unconventional challenge always tends to be a favorite! This time they went back to familiar themes but combined two. They used supplies from both a flower shop and a hardware store. As Heidi says "the ultimate hard and soft." Before the challenge could begin they had to switch up the teams. We all knew this was coming since Team Keeping it Real had won every challenge. Stanley and Layana were chosen by Dream Team and Keeping it Real got Michelle. Stanley took this challenge and his new team to their first win with his direction! I enjoyed this episode and I really like all these designers.

Samantha got the win this week with the first look above. I like the dress and the way she used the metal mesh and put the leaves under it instead of over it. It has a peplum and you know how I feel about those (I know Lora) but it is good. However, I would not have given it the win. Layana was the winner for me! She did the second look above. I thought it was EXCEPTIONALLY well done and was beautiful. Benjamin did the third look above and I still do not know why he was in the consideration this week. Yes he made a loom and the idea was nice....but Tu made the final look above and was clearly better than Benjamin's. Honestly, I prefer his to even Samantha's. But props to both team turning out some fantastic looks. 

I decided against covering the bottom 3, since, well there was not a bottom 3. Amanda our Nashville girl, was tossed under the bus by her entire team for running into trouble with her concept. As you can tell in the first pic, she figured it out. It was not a winner and she was rightfully in the bottom this week. I am glad she did not go home and I think the judges made the right decision. Matthew, the other southerner, did the second look. I really like his use of material in the bodice, but the skirt was not flattering at all. Overall a solid design but not a stand out. Both southerners are gonna have to step up their game ASAP!

Photo Credit: Barbara Nitke for Lifetime

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