Saturday, May 25, 2013

Nicole Kidman at Cannes 2013

Shining bright in Cannes seems to be Nicole Kidman's specialty! She is definitely serving up some Royal Realness. Nicole has a regal presence and that is why these look so great on her!

This sweet confection is Dior Couture. I love this dress, but her hair seems to be a bit severe or just strange looking. Otherwise, you go Nicole!
But this, BOW DOWN! She is full on "Her Royal Highness of Fierceness" here. This Valentino gown is totally superb and she looks stunning. Normally I would dislike this color on her but it just works. 
This casual look is cute. It is nothing in comparison to her casual look I covered last year at Cannes. Yet, this is still a nice look. Her ponytail seems to be pulled a bit to tight, but eh ;)

Nicole Kidman, thank you for making your adopted home of Nashville proud once again! 

Photos by: Getty Images

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