Thursday, March 22, 2012

Lexus Nashville Fashion Week Night 2

Night two of Lexus Nashville Fashion Week 2012 was held last night, again at Marathon Music Works. Designs by five wonderful designers hit the runway. None of them disappointed! I decided, with five shows to cover, I would give you five looks that show off each collection. I promise you though, you will want to check out the rest of the photos from the night.

The night got started with The Leona Collection. The designs were fun and flirty. No wonder the likes of Taylor Swift can be seen sporting them.

There is little to say here. These five looks sum up the collection. Colorful, fun, and youthful all can describe them. Even with such a youthful appearance they are still sophisticated enough for someone a bit more mature.

Wai Ming stepped up the sophistication with his palette of blues and grays. His designs were very modern, but I still felt a classic feel to them. The fabrics were just beautiful.

The short dresses were all just adorable. A nice mix in this collection and many of them can take you from day to night.

The designs of Sjobeck are from the masterminds Garrett and Jesseray. Their show last night clearly showcased more of their west coast influences. Lightweight fabrics and easy styles blew across the "Malibu" stage.

Who says you can not be fashionable and live on the beach? Not me! I loved several looks that I was not able to feature here (look for my fav of the week blog later) because I wanted to give you something that showed the range of the collection. This collection had many different textiles in a multitude of neutral colors.

Ladies fasten your seat belts! I have a feeling you are going to love what Eva Franco brought to Nashville for us to see.

I do not want to over use "flirty" on last night's looks, but it was there! This collection was feminine, flirty and the details were stunning. Looks for day, night and transition pieces were included. I have a couple of dear friends I will definitely be sending to check out these clothes.

Then came the finale. I cannot express my delight enough. The looks Zang Toi from The House of Toi brought were not only beautiful but many of them had surprises for us.

The looks were all phenomenal. I have seen very few better-worked pieces anywhere. Even in his "casual" looks you would be hard pressed to find anyone around you better dressed. But he did not stop with just giving us the black, white and red drama from the front. Check out below the backs of two gowns I showcased above.

Guys, no need to panic. Zang Toi did not forget us. I am, I am going to get this white outfit. Okay, a boy can dream can't he.

So for me last night was just stellar. I can not say it enough though, be sure and check out the rest of the photos on Nashville Fashion Week's website. Not only that, you can get all the information you could need on the week's happenings.

Photos by: Heather Byrd/

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