Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Lexus Nashville Fashion Week 2012 Begins

Lexus Nashville Fashion Week started last night and left me a little confused. Not quite sure of what direction today's post was going to take. My normal fashion show layout is to give you the designs, tell you how and where to wear them. But I think I will just give a daily overview of each night's shows and then pick a couple and do my routine post at week's end.

This said, Nashville Fashion Week made big strides in improving over last year's event. Not that it was bad, just obviously the first of that caliber here in Nashville. This year things seem to be moving more efficiently. Opening night shows were held at Marathon Music Works. We were treated to live music at last night's show as well. We are music city, so why not?

Valentine Valentine, by Amanda Valentine showed her line off while Nashville-based Five Knives provided a mix of electro/punk beats as backdrop. Overall, her collection was not of my taste. I understand her love of vintage and, in some silhouettes, I saw that. I also assume her love of thrift stores is where she came up with the fabric choices. Let's start off with some cute styles with a rather wild fabric shall we?

This fabric caught the light, but would most people really wear an iridescent gown? Wait, I do remember a cousin wearing something similar for an early 90s prom. I like the two latter pieces, but I do feel I have seen them before. I do love when a designer tries to make something new again though.

Here we have three very different looks. I could actually see some flirty rock chick sporting this. The center gown was beautiful, but again a strange fabric choice for me. The last dress again is a beautiful cut, but the fabric kinda made me think of something that would line the inside of a gun case.

Out of these, the pants looks are my favorite. Overall this collection left me wanting. I mentioned it for all the looks. I like the design, just not the fabric choices.

Designer Smith Sinrod's collection, bySMITH, came out last night to the music of Humming House. Her love of silk and bright colors was evident. Most of the styles were pretty classic looks with a twist.

Cute skirts in great colors. Nothing Earth-shattering, but definitely nothing to be mad about.

I really like all of these. They are perfectly on-trend for this year. The shorts are great. The bright tops are fun. The dress is simple, but the fabric gives it interest.

Attention, Attention: It is now time for the Super Hero Cocktail Party to begin. All I could think was Wonder Woman got dressed up and went out. All kidding aside, they are fun little dresses. The overall feel for me was young, bright and fun.

Now for Mr. Traver Rains of T.Rains to give us an over-the-top show again this year! Last year his nearly-not-there menswear left people talking for days. This year proved to be no different. His models came out to the hip-hoppish beats of Shinobi Ninja.

The styling was very "Look at Me" but the overall looks were not bad here. The first dress is a cute dress, but why is it made out of crocheted dishcloths? The second look is very cool. The third one I just did not get.

Time to look at the boys. I tried hard to pay attention to the clothes. Honest, I did. I personally would never pull off any of these pants, but I sure as heck wanna try. And again he added some more dishcloths. I left out the half-naked girls in swimwear, simply to give the boys some page time.

T.Rains collections usually have a very southwestern-cowboy feel. This one seemed to have a more "under the sea" feel. Never more so than in his gowns. Of course, the cowboy asthetic was there in some of the looks. I surprised myself, though, because I actually like these three gowns.

Be sure to check out the rest of the schedule and more photos from Nashville Fashion week on their website. I feel it in the air, people are excited about the week here in Nashville. Last night was a great opening night. I hope to see you all at some of this week's events.

photos by: Andy Evinger

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