Saturday, March 24, 2012

Lexus Nashville Fashion Week Night 4

It was the night everyone was waiting for! Not only was the fourth night of Lexus Nashville Fashion Week being held at The Parthenon, it was to showcase The Versace Collection. Nearing starting time the sun was shining and people were anxious. Then the sun decided to say goodbye and the skies opened up in a downpour. Guests were huddled into the tent (with bar) and awaited being able to enter. Several attendees started to get upset with the fact they were made to wait. I mean, really, rehearsals were still happening after time for the show to begin. Not sure if it was the venue, weather, staff change, or just everyone being totally exhausted four days into such a large event?? Everyone was soon inside and very excited about the shows ahead.

White Rabbit by Shea Steele started off the night. The looks were full of geometric shapes and in a variety of materials.

My best description of this collection is "workout chic". The coat in the second look was great! I also like the fourth look I featured. I could see lots of girls wearing these, but not for everyone. The shapes would not be flattering on a lot of women.

Next up was Red Doll by Tatyana Merenyuk and it was a crowd favorite. Everyone cheered and clapped for most of these looks. It started out with a very vintage feel of fitted tans, quickly becoming youthful with black laces and sheers. Then became nearly risque.

I actually like a lot of these designs. Especially loved the tans that I showcased. My favorite look was the center one, the polka dots and train were fabulous. I left out the see-through looks, but they were well designed. With that said, you could not wear them as-is. I know very few LADIES who want their tatas showing in public. The crowd favorite was the final piece. It was an off-white toile ruffled extravaganza. It was nice, but I have seen several designers with nearly the same dress.

G-Star Raw focused on outerwear for the most part. The men's looks stole the show for me. I want to buy several of them as soon as possible. The aesthetic was tough and worn.

My favorite piece not shown here was a denim with leather sleeve jacket. I was drooling! The mustard jacket in the fourth photo was also very beautiful. The collection also included some nice VERY form-fitting little dresses as well.

After the intermission the crowd was pumped for the final two designers. Katherine Kidd was up next. She started the show with shiny satin in blacks and blues. Fussy sleeves and neck lines abound in this collection. I found myself confused on the direction in the collection. Look at me, I act like I'm judging Project Runway, LOL. There were greys/reds, black/blues,sequins, satin, jersey?

There were some wonderful tuxedo pants in the collection. The pair I show second were not one of them. I hated the ruffle across the top of them. My favorite pair had sequins down the legs where you would normally get the tuxedo stripe. The center dress was stunning and a crowd pleaser. There were some very cool designs in the back of a lot of the looks.

Then it was time... Time for The Versace Collection. Again, it was the men's looks that really had me paying attention. The women's were stunning as well, but none of the show stoppers I expected.

The guys looked killer. There were a few fit issues here and there, but nothing to really fuss over. The looks were sophisticated while being young and current. I was just cheering on every look. Even the jeans and simple shirt looks had something new to them. One was in Tennessee orange (I will let that slide), but had a very cool seam across the shoulders that caught my attention. The second look with the scarf was my favorite!

The ladies came out in bright yellows and blues. The pattern in the first dress was used throughout in a variety of color combinations. The fitted suits were stunning. My favorite of those (not pictured) was black with hot pink piping. Several cute swimwear looks hit the runway and I was hoping they would have some men's along with them. ;)

Over all I felt pleased with what I saw in the collections. I was not as excited about them as I was with Tuesday night's though. As much as I like The Parthenon, and it is one of my favorite places in Nashville, I feel it is not a runway venue. It is awkward with having two rooms and separating the guests. Props to many on the crew, though. I saw them helping people out of the rain and up the stairs.

Be sure and check out the Fashion Week website for more photos!!!

photos by: Andy Evinger

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