Monday, August 20, 2012

Another day at the office. PR Ep5

Drama was full-on for this week's episode. There was not more than a minute without. This week the crazy lady from the Ukraine packed the hour with bitching. Elana is clearly the most hated member of this cast. We still got some bitchiness from Raul and Gunnar, but they were overshadowed this time around. This was another team challenge and they were to design a collection of clothing for a working woman. The winning team would get an editorial spread in Marie Claire @work. We had team 5 which included Gunnar, Fabio, Ven, Christopher and Nathan (who I barely ever remember). Team 6 had Elana, Melissa, Raul, Sonjia, Dmitry, and Alicia.

Alicia Hardesty and her team decided not to just give each designer one look to do. They went with the idea of doing what they do best. This meant that Alicia was given pants as her task. She did not disappoint. They were fantastic and fit well. We got two diverse looks by her doing one wide leg and one skinny pant. She seemed to work well in the group, even if that meant staying pretty quiet. It makes it hard to judge her looks though, as she just did the pants. But props to her.
Gunnar Deatherage's team went with the concept of designing a whole look per designer. Gunnar was not happy with his team or their choices of fabrics. He let this distract him for several hours and then produced a sub-par look. The dress was boring and unflattering. I do think the judges made too big a deal about the suffle-ish boob area. He was subdued again for most of this episode with just moments of the bitchiness. Or maybe he was just so overshadowed by the cray cray of Elana, I gave him a pass. Yet, I must admit he is finding himself really close to leaving the show if he does not turn it out next week.

And the winner is.... Melissa Fleis. I have talked to several people and they all agree with me, this was not work wear. It was a fantastic dress, but NO ONE would wear it to the office outside of a fashion magazine. It photographed fantastically and moved well on the runway. It was, without a doubt, the show stopper amidst some very boring looks. But if the challenge is something to wear to work, then she should not have won this round. I mean, they mentioned that Dmitry's look could not be worn to an office because the back had tiny cut outs. Come on now judges! But Congrats to Melissa, I really do like her a lot.

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