Friday, August 3, 2012

Sweet as Candy: PR Ep. 2

As Heidi and Tim pointed out several times on this episode, it was their favorite challenge. For ten seasons the unconventional challenge has proved interesting. This year they went with a candy challenge. Ralph Lauren's daughter, Dylan, invited the designers to her upscale candy boutique. They had 500 dollars to spend.

Let's get started with Alicia Hardesty. I was really hoping for her to shine this week. She let me down with this one. She was safe and should have been. Yet, her look was pretty much forgettable. I have little in the way of a critique, other than to say: I hope she can do more than this and soon.

Gunnar Deatherage made a pretty good look. I am not so sure I would have him in the top three, but it was not a bad look. I personally hate peplums on just about any look, so I instantly was not a fan of this look. It was also not a new or Earth-shattering design concept, but it was an overall good look. I think his "candy" styling really put him in the top three (in my opinion). So kudos to Gunnar on his top three and for not being quite as bitchy this episode.
And the winner is...Ven Budhu! I have no real problem with this win, other than it was just not my favorite. Ven did make the most wearable piece and I was impressed. It was hard to tell that it was even candy from a distance. The pastels are slightly boring and he once again used a rose motif. The design of the dress is up to par with current trends and he did a wonderful job on the construction. So props to him.

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