Thursday, August 16, 2012

Woman on the Go! PR Ep 4

The show started off with "Oh no, Andrea is gone." The drama unfolded, well kinda. Needless to say Andrea has left the show. The big shocker was that Kooan also left the show and was not talked into staying. So being down two designers left the producers nothing to do but bring back a previous offed designer. Raul came roaring back in, talking himself up big time. He was sent home for a reason and he should not have been brought back IMO.

This week the challenge was to design one outfit that could take a woman on the go into day and night in their design aesthetic. Who better to get that started than Michael Kors himself?! He designs for the woman on the go and has been very successful at it for years. With the motto of jet-set, sophisticated and chic, he gave them a lil rundown while they got to admire his flagship lifestyle store in NYC.

Alicia Hardesty was able to get back to her aesthetic this week. I must say I kinda dig it. Her woman is not the most elegant and not everyone would wear this, yet it works for me. My only exception is the crotch of her shorts is ill-fitted. With a tad more altering she could have really done something great here. With the right styling her design could easily be worn into night. She was not the winner, clearly, but she made great strides in my eyes.

This week I felt like Gunnar Deatherage was almost there. The design of his skirt was good. With the right fabrics I think he would have had a really good skirt. This is when editing needs to come in. Because the top with that skirt does not work. Either of these pieces paired with something else might have worked. I definitely think that this is a day/night look and that it shows his aesthetic. He was clearly safe, but I do not think this look shows his potential. I also liked seeing that this week his bitchiness was not so prominent, that they let Christopher take the reigns a bit.

And the winner is.... Sonjia Williams. I knew it was only a matter of time before she got a win. I have liked most of her work up to this point. I think I would have picked Dimitry as the winner, but hers was definitely great! I would have left off the cascading sash at the hip. It makes it all a bit busy and it is to dressy for most people to pull off during the day. I love the color and the way it fits though. It was a well crafted piece and I can see how it got the win.

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